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Built for Soccerclub | Players

by Remington117 / November 27, 2018, 8:13 pm

I am wanting to have multiple Built for Soccerclub | Players sections on my roster page. When I add more then one to the same page, the controls so scroll through the players dont work right. can you advise on how to fix this?

I am using layout 1 



Can you please share your Admin Credentials, also mention the page you are having trouble. Our experts are here to check and help you out. 

Thanks and Regards

Any help would be great 


It seems the issue is with the Board Memebers module. I have disabled the module.
It will take some time to fix the issue with the module. For now, you can add multiple player module in a page and it will work.
However, you won't be able to use the board members with the player module.


Hello, I was able to fix the issue and upload the patches on your site using the plugin editor. However, you will receive the fixed plugin as a download along with theme package after we are done uploading.