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Demo Content

by sinalr / December 4, 2017, 12:13 am

Hello, can you help me install the demo content on the site so I can just edit the images/text?

the site is ramandi.me


I gave the domain, username, and pass so can you just log in and setup the demo content for me? It would be greatly appreciated.

PLEASE this is urgent....


Please provide the Cpanel Details for your site admin. I was not able to import most of the content for the demo because many images and page/posts/products were not imported. I'm not sure what's wrong with your site setup that's causing this but if you can provide the cpanel access I will be able to clone the demo on a fresh Wordpress installation (you will need to remove the existing one). You can fix the import issue alternatively and let me know so that I can try importing once again.

The cpanel also hosts another site, so make sure to only edit the one under ramandi.me

I see you have set the demo content, but how can I change the images and text?

Can i please just get a refund. This theme is too hard for us to use, we don't know any programming.

So the issue we found is that the front page wasn't made with visual composer so we can't change anything. But the other pages work fine. URGET PLEASE HELP.


Front page is basically a collection of other pages. That's how the theme works. I have setup the complete demo on a fresh installation. Please check it.

Username / password: admin / pass
I will strongly suggest you to change the username and password to something stronger ASAP. I deleted your previous installation and the plugins are gone too. You will need to reinstall those plugins.