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by kime / November 30, 2016, 2:15 pm


I cannot make my site as the demo.

I have a problem with the product details.

Please have a look at capamy.gr

As you will see it is just a demo, yet so you can delete everything, reinstall whatever - I do not mind.

Also the WP language is set to Greek ,you can freely change it to English...




Can you please share your admin credentials to our team to lookafter this.

Thanks and Regards



Got your credentials, Our team is looking after it. Will get back to you soon.

Thanks and Regards


You have to set up a variable product. 

Have a look at our default product Nano Music Wiki. I have setup the Home page as your shop page. Take a good look at the product and its fill up their Attributes. 

In the page you should have selected Nano Page Πρότυπο .

Hello Prabhash and thanks for the quick response.

I tried the modified demo and now I can order the product, but I do not follow.

I have added a third attribute whuch does not display at all...

When I try a demo buy, and I click at the product image I get a 404...

Please advise

I mean I click the product from the cart page and I get a 404


Please refer to the screen from the one product shop template:

I mean I click the product from the cart page and I get a 404

Did you check out this page?

You will need to duplicate this with another page I think.


I have seen your screen and I have setup a third attribute - as mentioned - likewise. If you check at my site, the demo product (your demo product) has three attributes. It only displays two as a choice.

When you buy (without selectint the third choice) you add the product at the cart. If you click at the product while at cart page, you get a 404. If you see at the url you will notice that the 3rd attribute is there, this making a problem.

Check at http://capamy.gr/index.php/el/cart/ after adding the product with any option.



maybe a problem with permalinks?


Please check out the product Nano Music Wiky variations. You need to enable each of those variations from product settings and then you will need to have prices added for each one of them. I have filled up all the necessary requirements for the demo product along with the 3rd variation of 123. 
Check out the 3rd Attribute in the page meta too. Attributes 3.




I do not understand.

Your print screen https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9OrjNUG26tNcUdwZ1JRb1RNVmM/view?usp=sharing is what I have entered at the atributes (using add all variations), which now displays at the front end. Up to now I could not see the option of 111, 222, 333, eventhough it was set.

Maybe something with my browser cache?


Anyway, even with this working, when I add any variation to the cart, after I click ath the product I get a 404. Also when choosing the product options, just before you add it to the cart, if I select product details, I get a 404. Does this happen only to me?

Thanks, Mike



after I click ath the product I get a 404..

Not sure what exactly you are referring to. Can you share an annotated screenshot or something? Please check the home/single-product page now. It is fully functional with the dummy data along with your custom attribute added to the variation. Please bear in mind that if you add any new attribute to an existing product after you have generated all the variations of that product, you will have to fill up all the data needed for the new attribute.

Also, after I tried resetting the permalinks, the product page is accessible. 

Hi Prabhash

Let me try to guide you how to see the problem

You start with the home page http://capamy.gr

You scroll down up to Choos your color. Choose any one

Then choose any size

Then choose any 123 title parameter

You see the price of the variant choosen and clikc add to basket (in greek ΠΡΟΣΘΗΚΗ ΣΤΟ ΚΑΛΑΘΙ)

Then click ok at Good Job popup

You then see the cart with the added product in a table. At this screen (http://capamy.gr/el/cart/) if you click at the product thumb, it should redirect you at the product page, but it does not. I get a 404. The final url is http://capamy.gr/el/%CF%80%CF%81%CE%BF%CF%8A%CF%8C%CE%BD/nano-music-wiky/?attribute_color=Black&attribute_storage=64&attribute_pa_123=222

Can you see this error?




any update here?

Anyone here?


Sorry for the late reply: 
Please check out the permalink settings. I had to set a /product custom permalink base.