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Dream Home Theme Dreamweaver Bug

by hussainelite52 / July 6, 2015, 10:53 pm


I have purchased this theme from themeforest and below is my purchase code:

Whenevr i open any page in adobe dreamweaver, it crashes and hangs. This does not happen with any other website only with this template. Please advise what the problem might be and how can i solve it.

I tried copying the html file else where and opening it and it opened fine but only in the folder along with other js and css files it wont open. I cant figure out whats causing it to happen. Kindly help. Thanks




This issue is occuring probably due to the high ram usage of Adobe Dreamweaver as the size of the HTML, JS and CSS files of this theme are a little big.


We would suggest using a lighter application, such as Sublime Text which can be downloaded for free. You will not encounter these kind of issues with Sublime Text, no matter how many or big HTML, JS or CSS files you open.


Hope I was able to help you with this issue. Thank you for purchasing our theme. Please rate our theme, if you haven't already.