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Email settings

by FreekVapers / June 18, 2016, 9:08 pm

Hey guys and thank you for a really good looking coming soon page!

I need help with setting up the email. Subscribe I managed to get working, but not the contact us- page.

Even with the subscribe- function I have an issue. Redirects to a blank white page with the success note. It does not look very professional after the awesome page!!! 🙁

I got no documentation with the theme for setting up this…



Find contact.php for contact form and update this line
$email_to_send_to = 'with your email id'; line no 17

And email subscribe.php in php folder
$email_to_send_to = 'with your email id'; line no 8

And email (send / error ) message will so below like demo.
In our server had a problem with the demo. Now you can check in our demo.

If you face further problem please send me your live url.


Alright, thanks guys. 

I think i got this solved now.

My coder managed to get it running by writing additional code.

He´s message: 

"But may be helpful, I have written the codes for it ... They did a create mistake by not giving a name variable and action type in the html so it will never send anything ..."

I will also check your advice ;)

Template is live at www.giggerz.com if you would like to further check it.


Great to hear that you fix this issues. Yor message styling is great.

Closing this issues.


Hey guys! (again)

I needed to reopen this ticket because I can´t find where the subscriber email addresses are stored?

I mean, when someone subscribes to our newsletter i get a notification of it, but I can not see any subscriber information, like name, email etc.

Here is a screenshot of what i get in my inbox: http://prntscr.com/bln03u

Contact form is working as expected.




Please send your all files including HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP at 0effortthemes@itobuz.com.


Maybe ftp acess would be easier?

Just be careful, as the live site is been built under public_html/GiggerZ

Hold on... I think we got it working. Will confirm soon.




No... Still not getting the signup details :(

You can proceed.



I update your latest index.php it should be working now. I submit subscribe, and contact form with data. please check your inbox. 


Yeah! We got that now?

Are the emails stored also in a list somewhere?

We are expecting over 2000 signups when i launch the marketing for the site. It would be an impossible task to get all the addresses from separate emails in our inbox...

OR is there a way to integrate the function with mailchimp somehow? 


No, There have not any MailChimp like service integrated and all signup email not stored in any place. If you want to you have to integrate yourself. If you want to seek our bits of help, Please mail at  0effortthemes@itobuz.com.


That is a shame. The only downside in otherwise perfect product.

We will try to figure it out.

Thanks for the help.