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Error side bar and other customization

by Artdisk / October 10, 2018, 3:23 am

congratulations for your theme, really fantastic.

1) I imported the Creativity Agency demo and I inserted some modules of the Salon Home Page demo by copying the settings.
Unfortunately I have seen that there is an error with the horizontal navigation bar but I do not know where to change. See screenshot:

NB: this error is also present in the Salon demo http://studio.0effortthemes.com/ (see screenshot http://eazyshare.it/screenshot-primestudio-02-bis.png

2) I can not activate the Ultimate Addons Plugin for WPBakery Page Builder. See screenshot http://eazyshare.it/screenshot-primestudio-01.png

3) I would like to customize the menu and build links with the #bookmark links on the same page, possibly with smooth scrolling, as if it were a one-page link.
can you help me?

4) the version of WP that I have in Italian, after navigating the customizations of your theme, back in English. What happen?

I thank you in advance for the answers you will give me.




Thanks for the detailed mail you sent. Please find the reply from our team :

1. The screensize [ which we assumed by seeing your screenshot ], we tested in our end with our demo [ as you pointed out it ] we didnt find the exact issue. If you can please provide the exact screensize to recreate the issue from our end. 

2. Visual Composer and Ultimate VC addons are free with the Theme Package and you dont need to activate the license. Whenever any update comes for these plugins we will update it with the theme as per the guidelines of Themeforest.

3. You can change the Menu Item from Menus options. If I am wrong in understaing your point please explain it bit more. 

4. Can you please give us your site url and explain where exactly it is happening.

It wiill be great if you can share your admin credentials with the site URL. 

NOTE : You can opt for our Free Installation offer, which needs the following information from your end. 

1. wp-admin credentials.

2. FTP /CPanel to set few variables during the process. 

Thanks and Regards


Hi Tristup, thank you for your precise answers.
1) I am attaching the screenshot with the resolutions of our monitors. I show you that the problem also occurs with standard resolution notebooks. I think the problem is due to some "movement" in the slider revolution that seems to "enlarge" the space of the web page. How can I solve?

2) At the moment I use the menu of the demo "photographer" but I would like the items links leads directly to paragraphs below on the same page (as in a one-page) and not in other pages. I hope I am clear in the request.

3) The problem concerning the language set up is not visible in the front end, but only in the back end of WordPress: when I personalize, modify or build the pages of the site the version language of WordPress return to english even if I set up the italian one. To return to the Italian version of WP, I have to change the general settings section. Something like this never happened to me.

At the moment the site is in maintainance mode and this page has no problems. I did not know about our Free Installation offer, now I would not want to miss the customizations already made.

Thank you very much for your precious help.



First of all there is not attached screenshot. Please send it again.  Seems the Point no 2 is about Point 3 of previous, Photography demo is not single page demo, but can be used as Single Page demo. You need to check the page option as Single Page and give each ROW an ID. You need to create a Menu and Items with #ID of each section and set into that specific Header or Page.

Point No 3, really we need to issue to see first to comment on this.

Thanks and Regards


Sorry for missing.

For the other point, I try your suggest and then I will update you.
Thank you.


Res. 1920X1080



This is  Salon Demo, not Photography which you are talking about. Even I have checked our theme demo with the specified Screensize, but unable to create the issue. Please check the screenshot. 


Maybe I have not been clear to expose my problem or maybe your theme has restrictions of use. I would like to use the menu of a demo (Photography), the contents of another (Creative agency) and the slider revolution of another (Salon), as I am trying to do. This is not possible??
At the moment I'm just setting up the home page and I have not created custom content yet, but when I get it, I'll send you the credentials so you can directly see the issues detected.
The problem of the navigation bar is not an error of customization of your theme on my site, because the problem I see viewing your theme (and therefore my site). Furthermore, the problem is also found on another monitor. I have no idea why. I will control the browser, but I believe you have to check compatibility.
However, in the meantime I thank you for your kind reply.


I have already replied to your first problem, "Photography demo is not single page demo, but can be used as Single Page demo. You need to check the page option as Single Page and give each ROW an ID. You need to create a Menu and Items with #ID of each section and set into that specific Header or Page." . 

Our theme does not have any such restriction on which you are trying to use. I request you to set the content first and try the Menu options for the Single page, please share the credentials if any help needed from our team. 

Hope I am able to clear myside. 

Thanks and Regards


I already understood your answer, thank you: I explained to you how I'm using your theme, as you asked me which theme I was referring to.
In any case, the problem of the navigation bar on your theme exists independently of the customization that I am doing.
Attached the credentials: can you also check the problem of the language change of WordPress?
Can you write me when you're done?
Thanks in advance for your precious help.




I found multiple tickets, which makes us confused with your credentials and other. Can you please list your points and post in a single ticket to get faster reply. 

NOTE : Given credentials are not working

Thanks and Regards

Hi, Tristup,
I understand your position and I know that your support is provided only for your theme, unfortunely this kind of problems has never happened to me with other projects. I bought a linux hosting dedicated to this single project and I have not idea why are all these problems. However, I have opened a help ticket to my service provider. I will update you when I have news and I will open another ticket with you to fix the problems related to customizing your theme. Thank you very much for your precise and kind reply.

Good job and have a good day!