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I have the following problems

by Heliotropen / January 9, 2017, 12:52 pm

I'm building the site here: adone.work/Iceonwheels/
Then moving it to it's real domain when everything works

I have a few challanges though, hope you can help me out. 

1. Can't I have more than two "variants" in the shop flow?

It only seams to display two in the templates dropdown. 

2. How do I make the "normal" woocommerce shop work next to this special one product flow? I need both, and I need to be able to click products to read about them specifically 🙂 

3. The instagram icon does not work in the footer (it looks funny when I change the icons in the bottom to instagram *no icon and out of position*). 

4. There is no .po files – now I have semi successfully translated all the code manually. but is there really no pot or po files? 

Dennis O. Madsen 


1. Obviously you can add more than two variations. However, you will need to create variations including each of those attributes. To make things easy make sure you have considered all the attributes before you have selected Create Variations from All Attributes from the dropdown.

2. Have you selected the page as shop page from Appearance > Nano Options > Select theme shp page? If so try disabling it.

3. I checked it and instagrame icon is not coming through. It's a bug. I can give you a custom css that you can add from custom css field in the Appearance > Nano Options > Custom Codes > Custom CSS field.

a.social-links__item.social-links__instagram:before {
    content: "\f16d";

​4. No translations files have been provided along with the theme. It's not translation ready yet.