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Images and menu in other devices (iphone or android)

by irisin / March 8, 2016, 12:03 am


When I upload the webpage in a cellular, iphone or android, some images are out of margins, the slider appear incomplete (the words) because the image is cut and the menu is quite the right margin and is difficult to access.  The specific image that is upload out of margin is Nuestra Visión image and all slider images.

In addition, I need to know if I supposed to use another dimensions for the images to look good in the devices or what would be the correct dimensions for slider images.

The webpage is: www.centrocrece.org.

I will appreciate your help in order that the webpage looks good in any device that the persons access.


Iris Ortiz


Hi ,

Please paste the following code at Appearance > Customize > CSS  ‚Äčto allign the Nuestra Visión  image.

.home .about.row .column:last-child {
margin-right: auto;

To resolve slider image issue you need to check the bellow  link . We are using Layers WP Core slider at slider section. My suggestion is to fix your issue please write the text at text box in slider widget instead of writing the text on the slider image.





- Debasis