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Isn’t working on mobile devices

by dileet / August 10, 2016, 10:18 am

Everything looks great on my laptop, but on the mobile device it doesn't seem to load the style sheet. The url is http://www.growthegreen.ca 


Hello  Dileet,

I access this URL http://growthegreen.ca/ in mobile device, stylesheet successfully loaded. 

Please give me  more details for mobile screen issues.



This is what i looks like on my device.


Sorry images dont seem to work. Here is an external link:




Hello Dileet,

In your site navigation and search box have issues. My side in mobile screen search box have no issues. 

Navigation issues can be fix with below step. 

Login into ghost backend >> Click on Code injection tab >> And paste below code into blog header field 

    @media(max-width:992px) {
      .nav li { width: 100px;}