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Lot a Problems instalation

by tiagovtg / September 11, 2018, 10:10 pm

Hi, i buy this veggie for wordpress and folow the problems.

1 – Demo homeV2, dont work, are totaly broken layout, miss images, error in codes php.

2 – import theme dont work, instalation theme dont worf,  only with expertise wordpress unzip folder manually, etc…

Please, build a new version of veggie wordpress zips, with plugins updated, and demos working.

I follow the documentation, and is not the same, the creative.zip dont exist, here is veggie.zip, but dont install with theme>install.

I need this theme or ask for the money back.

thak you



We are really sorry that you got these issue, after you reported the same in themeforest we re checked it and update all the files in themeforest. Can you please download the latest updated files for themeforest. 

We also offer the Free Installation so our installation team will set the Theme with all the demos at your end and you can change that accordingly. 

I would like to request you to give us oppurtunity to serve you and install the theme on behalf you. If you agreed please mail me at tristup@itobuz.com with all the credentials. We may need few more informations during the Installation Process [ if needed ].

Thanks and Regards