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major problems using your theme

by Enderino1337 / March 8, 2018, 12:49 am

hello 0effortthemes,

we got major problems using your theme for our wordpress website. our website is: https://supremacybot.com/ . we want to use your theme as a single landing page, but we couldnt figure out how to edit your theme. we edited the background image, the images, the menu slider etc. but we dont know how we can change the templates below the page. were can i change the text? where can i change the order of the templates? the visual composser isnt working at all. i never used a theme like yours before. everyone i used befor was completly different to use.


greeting Enderino1337

maybe it is a proble due to the visual composser. could you send us the update for the plugin to supremacybot@gmail.com ?



We have already sent this to few of our customers, as it will take few time to update the theme with the updated plugins. To share the plugin please share your purchase code to verify. 


Thanks and Regards

My purchase code is 5bcdfb88-5165-462f-87cc-b327fccd31b4


Verified and shared the updated plugin.