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My web doesn’t work in Iphone and Ipad

by irisin / February 16, 2016, 7:12 pm


When I try to access the website from an iPhone or iPad does not upload. The page cannot display.  The address is: www.centrocrece.org 

Please, I need quick answer or alternative because tomorrow is the launch of the website.  I will appreciate your help with this issue.




Please remove the iframe from your site. Please check the actual url is work well from iphone or ipad. 



Hello Debasis:

I try to access with this url but the website up distorted.  The images out of proportion, the menu doesn't work and the entire website look very bad.  I need to use the address centrocece.org, why you recommend to use the other url?  what is the problem with the domain with mask and forward?

You have another alternative for this issue?  I really appreciate your help, I need that this website look good in Iphone and Ipad. 



Hi irisin,

Actualy you site is uploaded into   http://www.iowebdesignpr.com/centrocrece2 domain. If you need the www.centrocrece.org  url then upload you files to centrocrece.org . Now you are using iframe at centrocrece.org. iframe suported codes are not present in our theme. Please let me know if you need further support related to the theme.

Thanks, I already fix this problem with your instructions.