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plugins and customizer interface

by ldw4686 / March 7, 2019, 11:52 pm

We recently purchased this theme, and all of the required plugins
won’t download from the theme like the oeffort header and footer,
or slider.

We receive the timeout error (cURL error 28) anytime we try to
download the plugins. Also, we are not able to find the plugins
through the WordPress repository.

And, does this theme have a preconfigured design template where we
drag and drop content sections and then customize? Or will everything
be designed on through the dashboard?



Please install the theme after downloading it from tehemforest. All the Required and Recomended plugin list is there with theme and you can install those directly from the theme. Later on you can import the demo content [ Demo Importer Plugin is with theme as bundled ]. 

You dont need to download this plugins from anywhere and its bundled with theme folder itself. If you have any doubts you can check our documentation. 

NOTE : You can also opt for Free Installation which we offer only few esteemed customer. 

Required details for Free Installation : 

1. Purchase Code 
2. Site URL
3. wp-admin credentials
4. FTP/CPanel details. 

will wait for your response.

Thanks and Regards


Hello -- We have downloaded the theme and went to the plugin section and tried to download the plugins. We receive an error (cURL error 28). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the theme, and still am not able to download the required plugins. We can not give you access to our credentials because it is on our network dashboard, which has several websites on it.



CURL issue is to solved at your server level, can you please ask your server admin to install the curl. Another point which I should mark on this, seems that the CURL issue is occuring on plugin which is "WordPress Repository"  if so, please download those from wordpress.org and upload at your server. External Source plugins are in the theme folder itself so CURL issue will not occurs on those. 

As offered you already if you can provide us the required details our expert team can check and get back with their comments on this. 

Thanks and Regards