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Revo slider, replace the image….

by infosoporte / November 1, 2018, 4:50 pm

Hello good day

WordPress 4.9.8
PHP 5.6.38
MySQL 5.5

I intend, on the demo slide of Home v5, to replace the image "plum-min.png" (373×307) with another of equal size.
It is not possible: the new image appears huge and disproportionate

Thank you!!



You just need to maintain the exact size to get exact output. The size is 375X307 px. Please resize the image and upload it again. Hopefully it will work, if not please let me know. 

Thanks and Regards

Hello good day
Despite adjusting the size, the image appears squashed. Finally, right mouse over the image Style>>Keep Aspect Ratio and solved theme.
Resolved, thank you very much!!


Great, it helps.Expecting a 5star in themeforest. 


Thanks for your comment, please rate us 5star too.