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by tahmoh / June 2, 2022, 8:25 pm


Where can I change the preview image for the site. It also says the Name of my login when I post a link.

Also I have had trouble to set up the email form. I would like to have support on that please.



I also wanted to know if there is a possibility to "concent" accept or similar for cookies as it required by law within the european union.

Hi tahmoh,
Please share your wordpress login details.

Please explain your issues in little more details. It would be better to hightlight the issues through screenshots.

Thank you

so you want to have my login and password?

So first problem is: 

when I give someone this address usually the pages where the link is posted have a preview of the site or a logo or such. However with my link it shows this:

(image in this link)

It also says the username "dtezyk" in the link image that is not good."

Also I cant get the email form working, so I have deactivated it. do you have a new email contact form tutorial that works?

Is it possible to clone a page? that would be wonderful. 


Hi tahmoh,
We provided support only for the theme content related issues such as theme demo content import, mail configuration, page contents, post contents, header, footer etc. 
So, you need to look for a developer who can resolve your such preview related issue.

You can surely clone a page. But that's little tricky. We will explain how you can do that. But you have to provide your wordpress admin link and login details and also there should be atleast a page added.

Try after updating contact-form7 plugin to resolve email related issue.
Still if it doesn't work, then wordpress admin link and login details will be needed.

We ensure you that your credentials are safe hare.

Thank you

How is it possible to clone a page? Can you run me down how to do that? because I need to clone all pages so I can have them bilingual.

It's not exactly like cloning but you can create a copy of page with different name. Name will be diiferent as per your choice but content will be the same. Same way you can do for the rest of the pages.

Goto edit mode a page you wish.
Click "Classic Mode".
Click "Text" tab.
Copy the shortcode entirely.

Create a new page and name it whatever you want.
Click "Classic Mode".
Click "Text" tab.
Paste the shortcode.
Click "Backend Editor".

Click "Update" button to update the page.

This way you can create replica of a page.

Thank you