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Social networks

by coachdaniel / September 25, 2014, 3:20 pm

Enabling social networks and contact form?


Hi Daniel,

Add the links to the social networks in the HTML. As for the contact form, open up the mail.php file and add your email within the quotes here ( in line 5)

$email_to_send_to = '';


Is not that man. I want to enable people to enjoy and leave comments on the blog.

And as to mail.php already configured but does not work!


Can you share the link you are working on?

Also, we will be updating out HTML template within the next week with the comments section. We dont have it currently.



Dont think dropbox lets you run php scripts. Can you try uploading the site to a host?

not yet...


Okay, let me know when you upload.



The mail portion is working at our end.

Have you downloaded the latest version of our theme?

It has a few fixes and also has been updated with the blog and commments section.