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trouble loading all demo content

by soundslikechrist / July 14, 2015, 9:28 pm

Howdy, I'm having a hard time loading the demo content. When I import it through the WordPress importer, I am able to select the import all demo content but when I log back into my site, nothing is there. The tools and visual composer is there but basicall its a blank site with no pages or posts. Plus I am able to change the email in the header but the link still aims towards its original email.



The home page is set up of various pages. First, set a blank page as the home page in the Settings->Reading section. 

After you have imported the demo content, set a menu as "Primary Menu". On the individual menu links there is a dropdown with "Single Page / Home Page" option. Setting the menu as "Home Page" will show the section on home page. And setting the menu as "Single Page", will link it to that page( will not appear on home page). 

Let me know if this helps.